Projecte ERASMUS+


El INS Barres i Ones participa en el programa Erasmus+ aprovat per la Comunitat Europea.

Aquest programa es centra en l'aprenentatge més enllà de les fronteres de la UE amb l'objectiu de millorar les capacitats formatives dels estudiants.

Enguany el nostre institut coordina un projecte europeu Erasmus+  amb tres països més: Xipre, Alemanya i Lituània. El projecte tracta sobre el nostre present i sobre com està relacionat amb el nostre passat a través de la fotografia, és a dir, comparar fotografies dels nostres avis amb les que podem trobar avui. Aquestes imatges mostren l'evolució de les nostres ciutats tal com les coneixem avui en dia.

Alguns estudiants de 4tESO van visitar Nicosia a la primera reunió transnacional que es va realitzar a Xipre a finals de gener del 2017.

El 2 d'octubre del 2018 altres cinc estudiants, Lidia Ortiz, Salma Nabet, Marufa Firoz, Sergio Cruz i Mariemme Ba van viatjar a Lituània per continuar amb el projecte Erasmus+.

Ells ens expliquen la seva experiència amb les seves pròpies paraules:

The first day we arrived to Siauliai (Lithuania) at 16:00 and we went to our Lithuanian friends’ houses. Salma, Marieme and Lidia went to visit Hill of crosses and Sergio and Marufa stayed at Vestina's house playing the guitar and eating pizza. It was a bit stressful because our luggage was lost in Amsterdam and we didn’t have our clothes with us. Fortunately, the headmaster was coming later that night and we recovered our suitcases the following day.

The second day we went to the school and they had prepared a welcome party. Some students of the school played the guitar, sang songs and dances. Later, we met with German and Cypriot students. After lunch, we presented our fact files in front of all the students and teachers and learnt about society in other parts of Europe.

In the afternoon, we went to photograph museum where we were told about the old days of photography. Not so many years ago, the concept of “photograph” was much more valued. It was neither easy nor cheap to have a picture taken. After that, we drank hot chocolate and later we went to bowling.

The third day we visited Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. We saw the most important monuments of Lithuania and lots of churches. Marufa and Sergio watched a film in an organization of teenagers.

The fourth day we worked in the project. Our project explains the history, the food, the monuments, the celebrations and the army of every one of the participant countries. In the afternoon, Marieme, Salma and Lidia went to Salting and it was fun. Marufa and Sergio iceskated. At night, the Lithuanian team organized a farewell party and we had dinner, sang and danced till late. We enjoyed a lot with the dances and the people.

The last day we went to visit Palanga, a city of Lithuania. We went to the ambar museum and it was very beautiful because it was located in an old mansion. Later, we saw the beach and it was fantastic but very cold and windy.

Lithuania is a very beautiful country and the people are warm and welcoming. This experience is unforgettable and now we are looking forward to the 19 th of march because they will come to Badalona for the final part of the project. The big exhibition of all the work we have done for 2 years will be shown. We would really like to thank the school and UE for this project and this opportunity.

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