4 Ways Poker Can Help You in Life

Poker is a card game that requires players to make decisions in a high-pressure environment. It’s a skill that can help you in many areas of life.

1. Improves your decision-making skills

While you may think that poker is a mindless game, it requires a lot of quick thinking and assessing the other players’ betting patterns. By studying the game and watching experienced players, you can build your own instincts to make decisions fast. This is especially important in deciding whether to call or raise a bet, as well as determining your position at the table (CO, UTG, etc.).

2. Teaches you to read your opponents

A big part of poker is reading your opponent, and not in the movie-like way where you know why they raised their left eyebrow, but rather understanding what they are trying to accomplish with their actions at the table. If you can understand your opponents and their reasoning, you’ll be able to play more profitable hands.

3. Teach you to be patient

A poker hand can take a long time to develop, and patience is key in this game. A good poker player will never throw a fit over a bad hand, and will instead learn from it and move on. This mental discipline can help you in other parts of your life, as well, such as waiting for a flight or waiting to talk to someone on the phone.