CEME Brand: What it Means and Why It Matters

CEME S.p.A., also known as Ceremony Electric Metallic Engine (CEME), is a high-quality electrical and electronic manufacturer of industrial, residential, and commercial grade components and accessories for refrigeration, heating and air conditioning systems. The company produces and designs fluid control products used in many systems. The company offers various vibration, solenoid, and pressure switches, as well as water/gas, steam, and air control systems. The company is a division of GE Energy Solutions, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electricity, heating, and cooling systems.


The company’s primary product line is in the refrigeration category. In addition to the standard household and small restaurant equipment products, the company produces a complete line of industrial and commercial refrigeration and cooling products including full service lines for meat and fish handling, bakery equipment, automotive and foodservice equipment, bakery and confectionary products, distillation equipment, and specialty equipment for pharmaceuticals and chemical applications. A variety of cemenis and cemen cooling and heating coil and pump options are available to complement the diverse products offered by the brand. In addition, a large selection of small refrigerator and hot beverage devices is also offered by the brand.

The company’s performance monitoring and system control products are engineered to provide maximum performance under any operating condition. With an extensive service portfolio, the company is able to extend its product life and extend product support even during times of extended losses or unexpected disasters. In fact, the company offers full customer assistance for all of its products and components. In addition, the company’s premier performance and control monitoring solutions are engineered with a unique multi-level process that maximizes system performance and security for both industrial and commercial applications. In addition, the company’s award-winning software and technical support and education programs help customers achieve total system success.