Difference Between Standard and Bandarq Online Poker Game

If you have an interest in online gambling, the name BandarQ should be familiar to you. This is a multi-table poker game which was designed by none other than world renowned casino designer and entrepreneur Antonio ” Astro” Pedros. This game is so worth being interested in since it’s an incredibly long term and exciting online casino game. In short, for an experienced full entertainment package from play, you should only select a reputable and trustworthy bandarq site.


I will quickly go over the best bandarq site offers and explain how these are beneficial. First and foremost, it should be noted that there are many different variations of bandarq including the Texas Hold ’em (also known as the 10 hole game) and the standard two-table game. For convenience, I will refer to these two variations separately. The standard two table game involves three people who alternate turns. There are five possible card combinations that can be made while playing this version of the game, and they are as follows: Ace-King-Queen-8, Ace-King-Deckard-10, Queen-King-Deckard-8, King-Queen-8 and Ace-Deckard-10.

Now that you know the basic differences between the standard versions of the standard poker game and the online version, I would like to discuss the betting possibilities with bandarq online poker game. You can either place your bets on a specific card combination or spread, or you may choose to place all your bets at one time on one bet or group of bets. With bandarq bets, your cards are randomly selected and then a number of players around you will rotate around the table and place their bets before you. The main purpose of the rotating group of players at the bandarq is to create confusion in your opponent so as to render him/her unable to make his/her own decision and place his/her bets.