How to Play BandarQ on an Indonesian Site

BandarQ is basically a combination of texas holdem pai plus sf Hold em poker. It’s a highly addictive casino game evolved especially for online casino enthusiasts. Players all around the world love it, but particularly in Indonesia where it is popular. In this article I will teach you how to play BandarQ, and why it is one of the most addicting casino games around.


If you’re new to playing bandarq then the first step to win is to get hold of as many chips as possible. The easiest way to do that is to hold on to the money bet by the group when they call, and use them all when playing dominoes. When playing sf hold em poker the player who has the highest money at the end wins. That’s basically what bandarq is all about, and there are many variations of it available in Indonesia such as: bandarq sf, bandarq rst, bandarq high stakes etc. Basically the aim is to make the group bet with the highest money at the end of the game (since it would be a stupid move to fold after a few cards, right?). Playing this type of bandarq on an Indonesian site is slightly different than playing it on an American site, mainly due to the language barrier – jus saying “bandar q” instead of “bandar -“.

The second step is to get hold of as many pairs of cards as possible, usually four. This is because the odds are always better when playing bandarq with two cards, and that’s the basic rule of the game. Get hold of as many pairs as possible without folding, and then use them to bet the maximum amount of money you can afford, using the card value printed on the cards. When playing on an American site the dealer usually calls the bet, and the players have to call the amount printed on their cards before they can play their bet. Then the dealer reveals the cards and everyone bets the maximum amount of money they can bet, since usually there is a twenty one card limit on an American site.