Meaning of the Abbreviated CEME – Is It Really a Shortcut Or an Explanation of Something?

The Meaning of CEME consists of the initials of the three words, Exotic, Management and Marketing. The meaning of CEME means, Marketing & Exotic. So this is a great way of marketing and promoting your business. You can make use of this in any sort of business whether it is a Service provider with a product or a service, or even a website.


In the meaning of CEME the abbreviations, Exotic, Management and Marketing refers to the fact that it is a short form of the phrase, “Exotic Meals”. This can be a great way of explaining the product or service you are selling. The term “Exotic Meals” as stated above can be a very good way of marketing your products or services to the target market, because, just like with the abbreviated word, it is brief and very easy to remember. In the same way, the word, “Customer” can also be abbreviated by this as “ECM”.

This is how the abbreviations, Exotic, Marketing and Management, helps you in marketing your products or services to your target audience. In the category science and technology, the meaning of CEME is explained by the acronym CMSE, which stands for, Computer-Manual-Electrical-Mechanical Systems. You can also see the meaning of CEME in the context of electronics, which is a topic that is related to this field. In the context of electronics, it can help us explain the product or service we are trying to sell to the targeted audience.