The Cema Meaning – What is the Full Form of the Term Cema?

What is Conversational Eminence? What is the meaning of ‘Cemy’? Is it an acronym or simply abbreviation? If you are looking for answers, then read on to find out all you need to know about CEME and why it’s so important!

The Meaning of CEME: The initials CEmE stands for ‘combined effort’. A combining effort in the English language simply means ‘one thing joined in the middle’. So when someone says, “I am making a list of my daily chores”, that is considered to be a ‘combined effort’! The same can be said of ‘I am going to make a list of my goals”. This is a clear example of a cema meaning ‘a combination’.

How Does the Term Get Its Expiry Date? In fact, the date (or date formatting) term of a phrase/statement does not refer to the abbreviated form of the word (it is just a common term that is used so frequently). Rather, the term is used to denote that the statement or phrase has finished, and is therefore considered to be ‘past tense’ (that is, the event which is being expressed/ spoken is happening/occurring now, and is thus past). As such, the term is only ever used in a past tense form; as ‘I am writing a list of my chores’, this is considered a cema, because it has completed its use in the middle of the mentioned activity.