What Does it Stand For in Category Community?

A CE mark is the internationally accepted standard of excellence for electrical safety and maintenance of electrical equipment. This certification enables authorized personnel to identify and evaluate the condition of electrical systems at work. There are many companies and entities that offer a CE mark for those involved in electrical safety. One of them is the Chennai Electro-Motive Electro Mechanical Engineering Institute, abbreviated as CeMEME IIT-JEE.


CeMEME stands for Chennai Machine Evaluation. CeMEME is actually an abbreviation for Chennai Machine rating. Basically, CEME stands for a rating scale that evaluates electrical machine based on different criteria like weight, dimension, height, width, and speed. These criteria are used to assess electrical equipment based on the needs and purposes. As we all know, every machine has a different purpose and for this reason, every type of electrical machine is also graded differently.

One interesting thing about CeMEME is that it uses an internationally accepted framework called “The Platform for Qualification of Electrical Safety Equipment”. This framework was first set up by the European Union. The European Union has been a leading force in developing and implementing different methods to ensure the safe working environment and maintenance of good quality of equipment at work stations. The certification from this platform ensures maximum protection of electrical equipment both at home and in the office. What does it stand for in the category community? In short, CeMEME stands for Chennai Machine Evaluation Mark.