What Does It Stand For In Classroom English?

Center for Education Measurement and Evaluation or CEME is an organization formed by the California State University at Northridge. It is mainly involved in disseminating information and knowledge on learning, teaching and learning assessment. CEME mainly utilizes in acronyms to educational category which means center for education measurement and evaluation. As it is clear from the name itself, its main goal is to develop and provide quality educational assessment that is applicable for measuring learning effectiveness. They offer a wide range of services and assistance to help you improve your learning effectiveness. Below are some of their services and activities that you can avail.


In English, the abbreviation stands for Center for Education Measurement and Evaluation, which means the process of evaluating educational policies, methodologies and techniques in education. The abbreviation CEME also stands for Common Content Objectives, which means the set of goals and objectives that a learner should expect to achieve upon joining any classroom. On the other hand, the acronym CMED means Common Measure, which means the set of performance targets that students should expect to achieve throughout the whole course. The acronym MADD stands for Market Assessment Measure, which means the tools used to assess the efficiency and importance of activities.

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