What is CEME?

CEME is an acronym for Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It’s a useful acronym for people in the military or government. Its full meaning is “civil engineering and mechanical engineering.” This definition can be printed out or sent via email and social networks. It’s easy to share it with friends. Below is the full definition of CEME in English. Listed below is the information that helps you understand what it stands for. You can use it to educate others on the benefits of the discipline.


CEME is a proprietary process developed by McCormack to generate new sales and differentiate a client’s brand from the competition. It also solves a problem that’s commonly faced by companies: the availability of data. Although individual pieces of data are useless when isolated, they’re of little value unless they’re analyzed as a whole. Then, by using diverse facts to generate new teachings, businesses and nonprofits can improve their overall impact on society.

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