Why is the Chartered Engineering Management Examination (CEME)?

The Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME), formerly known as the Engineering Manufacturers Association, is an non-for profit organisation in the London Borough of Havering in the London Borough of Rainham. This organisation was set up in July 2021 to promote excellence in the engineering and manufacturing industry in London. As part of its ethos, the centre aims to create, develop and manufacture leaders in the engineering and manufacturing industry, providing a platform for organisations to connect and share experiences, ideas and best practice in all aspects of engineering and manufacturing.


To join the Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence, you must belong to a company which is in the engineering and manufacturing industries in London. To apply, you can join the centre’s voluntary membership programme, which is available to engineers and employees of companies in the UK with manufacturing businesses and project partners outside London. To be accepted, you will have to demonstrate your company’s infrastructure and business processes, with particular emphasis on those used in your role as an engineer or employee. These include a certain number of category filters, which are applied in a series of assessments in different situations throughout a process. For each test, the category filter successfully completes the task; however there is always one other team member to act as a relay for the test in case of a failure. The aim of the assessments is to identify the likely cause of failure and then design and build systems to minimise the likelihood of this happening again.

Once a candidate passes all three categories, they will be awarded a certificate. These include having completed the test successfully, proving that they understand the concepts behind the assessments and have displayed reasonable behaviour in the process. The certificate will also indicate whether further testing will be needed within the CEME’s guidelines, meaning that engineers will be thoroughly tested on all areas of engineering and manufacturing practice. By taking the initial examination and passing it with a grade of at least 80%, the candidate will be accepted into the training scheme and given a further four years of study. This demonstrates the rigour of the CEME assessments.